Working on dotnet core on Mac OS X

17 Feb 2018

One thing I neglegted to mention was that there isn’t really out of the box editor support for targeting both net45 and netstandard1.6 (or higher versions).

My standard workaround for this have been to only target netstandard1.6 or lower for most of the relevant assemblies that I work on a day to day basis on. This works for most of the internal libraries since we deploy either netcoreapp1.1 or netcoreapp2.0 to Azure.

For libraries that are supposed to be consumed by a wider set that has been a bit of a pain to edit on Mac OS X.

If you try to open a .net core project that uses paket, the workaround to edit projects in Visual Studio for Mac is to disable automatic package restore.

The final workaround to be able to work net45 and netstandard1.6 dotnet core project on Mac OS X is to apply @enricosada’s fix to .bash_profile:

export FrameworkPathOverride=$(dirname $(which mono))/../lib/mono/4.5/

This has made it possible to open for instance Giraffe without doing any other workaround to have it working.



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