Merging in svn

29 May 2016

While working as a consultant at a company that uses svn, I needed to keep a branch in sync with the master branch. This turns out to be a lot of work.

Problem was that it was not possible to just clone the repository using git svn. The clone failed after a while (I think due to the long connection time). First you might want to read up on it from this blog post.

The command I used was something like:

git svn clone -r 10327 --username=oskar.gewalli project  --stdlayout --prefix=svn/

In order to fetch changes I did:

git svn rebase

And to push changes:

git svn dcommit

Since I could not clone the repository and get the full branches, I had to add branches manually. It took little bit of work but was described on stackoverflow.

The value of this work is that merging branches is far easier in git compared to svn.



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