Dark-room development

03 Oct 2012

One of the fears is that the days of PC is considered over. That we there will be a massive shift towards a reduction of the interface. Some have pointed out that the start screen on Windows 8: It’s Almost Not Terrible. Gartner sums it up in a word: Bad for desktops (however he also says that it’s very fine on touch device).

This all sounds very odd. However, the negativity mostly centered around how to use the start screen on a desktop might not be such a big deal. Hanselman among others assures that you just have to learn the new keyboard shortcuts and that it’s just a matter of getting used to. Our IT-boss (a small company so he does a lot of the IT-operations) tells me that a power user will hardly use the start screen.

As long as the two separate entities desktop and xbox/tablet interface live side by side there might not be cause for alarm for programmers using multiple windows side by side (editor, library documentation, tests, powershell, command prompt et.c.). Other programmers may in fact welcome the one window approach. Some have already used visual studio as the one program to do all things. Also for writers of text there are a few programs for windows and mac that focus on full-screen to avoid distractions and get things done. It’s exciting to see where Windows 8 goes.



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