Whats right with windows 8?

24 Sep 2012

Imagine the user experience of a gaming console. It’s very focused on a selected few tasks: starting games, playing movies… An ipad is conceptually a similar device. You can surf, run certain applications, watch movies, listen to music. The user interface is simple. Most users have no need for the fuss.

To imagine an operating system where you focus on what normal users want to do, you start looking in the windows 8 direction. The start screen reminds of the Xbox.

I got skeptical and confused when I tried windows 8, looked at videos about it. The reason why it felt wrong: Windows 8 is not intended for me. I’m not part of the 95% that abhors complexity. Ordinary user dislike the “to much information” syndrome present for most desktop operating systems.

I have a suspicion that it’s not there yet. Maybe when windows 8.3 or windows 9 is released, my mom can use it without getting frustrated. There are just a few things she wants to do: Surf the web, pay the bills, read her email, manage spreadsheets, write documents, manage her photos and keep the gigabytes of photos backed up.



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