Playing around with mongo db in .net

05 Apr 2010

Ever since I heard of the NoRM driver for MongoDB I had to try my hands on it. You can find it here:
NoRM , mongodb

The first thing is setting up the server. I dropped the binaries into
Next thing I created two batch files.
To start the db: start.bat
C:\MongoDb\bin\mongod.exe –dbpath C:\MongoDb\data –port 27000 –logpath C:\MongoDb\log\mongodb.log –logappend

The other to access the mongo shell: shell.bat
C:\MongoDb\bin\mongo.exe –port 27000

Next thing is creating a simple MVC app that uses MongoDB for storage.

My object of choice is Product:
public partial class Product
public Product()
Id = ObjectId.NewObjectId();
[Column(IsPrimaryKey = true)]
public virtual ObjectId Id
get {return _id;}
set {_id = value;}

 The attribute is for the editor template. Next thing is the controller. Here is the helper for connecting to the database:
  public class ServerHelper
    public static Mongo GetServer()
      return Mongo.Create(“mongodb://localhost:27000/MongoMvc”);

    public static MongoCollection Collection()
      return GetServer().GetCollection("products");

Note that you don’t need to do a create database or collection.

Insert is straightforward. In order to list all “products” I used an empty Find on the collection. To update I did the following:
    public ActionResult EditPost(ObjectId id)
      var collection = ServerHelper.Collection();
      var product = collection.FindOne(new{ _id = id });
      collection.UpdateOne(new { _id = id }, product);
      return RedirectToAction(“Index”);

Looks interesting. I’ve not delved into any deeper parts than this yet. I could probably have done this without the additional configuration.



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