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Using travis for mono

02 Mar 2014

In order to setup ci for open source targeting c# projects I looked into using travis. There is a solution on stackoverflow. The post got me started. Turns out that there are some problems with using nuget packages for mono using xbuild (Path.Combine in the msbuild file NuGet.targets is not supported yet). I patched NuGet.targets to accept parameters (thus I can supply the correct paths using albacore).

I’ve added the variable PackagesConfig to all the csproj files in the solutions:


The following code is what I’m using to build isop on mono:

      desc "build isop on mono"
      xbuild :build do |msb|
        solution_dir = File.join(File.dirname(__FILE__),'src')
        nuget_tools_path = File.join(solution_dir, '.nuget') :configuration => :Debug, 
          :SolutionDir => solution_dir,
          :NuGetToolsPath => nuget_tools_path,
          :NuGetExePath => File.join(nuget_tools_path, 'NuGet.exe'),
          :PackagesDir => File.join(solution_dir, 'packages')
        msb.targets :rebuild
        msb.verbosity = 'quiet'
        msb.solution = File.join('.','src',"Isop.sln")


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